Jason and the Argonauts


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November 9-13 1999 Sandfield Theatre

"Oh how I wish that an embargo
Had kept in port the good ship Argo!"

There is no embargo on the adventures and fun as our intrepid Argonauts set sail in search of the Golden Fleece. Follow the fortunes for these young adventurers in their perilous quest, watched over by the Gods on Mount Olympus. Will they defeat the Harpies or will Jason find true love? These well loved tales from Greek mythology are told in a very lively fashion through drama and dance by an integrated company of young people which includes students with special needs.

The legend of the Argonauts is one of the earliest known to the Greeks. It certainly goes back to the ninth or tenth century B.C. The poet Homer wrote about the Argonauts and other references, in The Illiad and The Odyssey presume a widespread familiarity with the legend. The story of Jason and the Argonauts is second only to the Trojan War as the inspiration for Greek literary epics, the most notable being Apollonious of Rhodes' Argonautica written in 260 B.C. Heroic epics celebrating the exploits of forebears were told before battle to instill courage in warriors. Myths and traditional legends often involved figures on the supernatural or divine plane and as the tale of Jason and the Argonauts unfolds it reveals the interference by the Gods of Mount Olympus in the lives of mortals, their personal squabbles and jealousies having devastating effect. Had Athena and Hera not interfered to involve Medea, events may have taken a very different course!

This particular company has won national and international praise for its work. In 1991 they won a Fringe First at the Edinburgh Festival for a lively production of The Canterbury Tales. Recent successes have included The Decameron, Hans Up and Funny Bones.

Homer, an Amercian Tourist Robert Cole Pandora, a temple cleaner Robert Cole
Wilma, his wife Helen Thurlby Daphne, a priestess Helena Godfrey
Medea Liana Wilkins Chloe Jo' Taylor

Scilla, a temple cleaner


Helen Thurlby    



Aphrodite Claire Wildgust Hera Charlotte Gent
Athena Shantell Rose Hermes Milan Treeby
Ganymede Ben Mackenzie Zeus Neil Burton
Poisedon Philip Wright Ares Colin Blair
Artemis Helena Godfrey Eros James Sibley
Terpischore Robert Cole Nymph Amanada Bellamy

Abigail Taylor





Jason Ben Mackenzie Atlanta Helen Thurlby
Orpheus Andrew Draper Pollux

Daniel Black

Castor John Lacey Hercules Jo Taylor
Hylas Chris Travis Prow of the Argo Liana Wilkins


Gods, Argonauts, kings, maidens and all other legendary characters played by members of the company.


Glenys Clifton
Maria Brawn
Margaret Stannard
Stephen Rodgers


Set Dressing
David S Stewart

Hayley Shardlow
Choreography Margaret Stannard Technical Sarah Gilby
Stage Manager Michelle Cafferty  David Lowndes
Designers Trina Bramman
Kirsty Hession

Set & Props Construction Adrian Eyre

Adam Penford and Nottingham Playhouse, Helen Davies

Lighting Design & Technical Support Dan Lounds

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