November 8-11 2000 Sandfield Theatre

Presented by an integrated company, part of The Nottingham Youth Theatre

'Ye who love a nation's legends
Love the ballads of a people
Listen to this Indian legend
To this song of Hiawatha'

Longfellow wrote the song of Hiawatha in 1855, drawing on the beautiful traditions of Native Americans. This Indian "Edda" describes the life and adventures of a noble hero, yet a year earlier Chief Seattle had made his oft-quoted speech - "There was a time when our people covered the earth". Here then lies the dichotomy, tales of great adventure against a backdrop of the decimation of the native people.

This lively production by an inclusive company of young people, some with special educational needs, create through dance, drama and music a telling tale of legend and reality. Longfellow was less interested in the reality of life for the Native Americans and indeed he confused many of the legends. There was a person called Hiawatha who in the late 14th century had been instrumental in the formation of the Iroquois League of Five Nations, and elements of his life do permeate the story.

Hiawatha is the group's 11th production and has been adapted from the original by David S. Stewart. Nottingham Threatre Inclusive Company was set up in 1990 to provide opportunities for young people. It has gained a national and international reputation.


Hiawatha Neil Burton/Andrew Cannon Directorial Team
Gitchee Manito Robert Cole David S. Stewart
Kwasind John Lacey Glenys Clifton
Chibiabos Tim Edwards Maria Brawn
Nokomis Kate Barton Stephen Rodgers
Wenonah Liana Wilkins Margaret Stannard
Mudjekeewis Neil Burton/Andrew Cannon Matt Rooney
Iagoo (Storyteller) Ben Mackenzie Kay Taylor
Minnehaha Helena Godfrey  
Arrowmaker (Her Father) Milan Treeby Choreography
Young Hiawatha Chris Travis Margaret Stannard
Beaver Jo Taylor  
Grandmonther Charlotte Stanford Technical Co-ordinator
Jodie Claire Crawford James Johnson
Todd Chris Travis

Buffalo Bill Tom Hawkey Technical Crew
Miss Winthrop Maria Brawn Carol Slattery (Lighting)
Native American Jason Williams James Smith (Sound)
Native American Chantelle Rose  
Native American Amanda Bellamy Designers
Raven Michael McKenzie

Annabelle Campbell

Grandfather Daniel Black Sarah Fisher
Eagle Tom Hawkey  
Daughter Charlotte Gent Mask Design & Construction
Storytellers Shereen Russell/Stacie Cartman/Matt Rooney/ Glyn Skipp
  Stephen Rodgers Wei Hoang
Mother Rachael Gaunt  
Rabbis Andrew Draper/Claire Crawford Scene Painting
Fox Abigail Taylor Sarah Morris
Robin Jo Taylor Roz Cowley
Blue Tits Helena Godfrey/Michelle Cafferkey  
Squirrel Colin Blair/Robert Cole Props & Set Construction
Atu Milan Treeby Adrian Eyre
Singer David Scott  
    Costume Construction
    Rachel Darroch
    David S. Stewart

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