NOW That's What I Call Movies
or Trailers For Sale Or Rent


The 13th glorious production from the Nottingham Youth Theatre Integrated Company.

Imagine yourself in a kaleidoscopic dream of images, words and odd connections based on films and film stars we have come to know and love. Where you can jump from the bicycle scene in Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid to ET, from Ingmar Bergman’s Seventh Seal to The Thomas Crown Affair, from Hammer Horror to Batman, from The Beast With Five Fingers to Ben Hur. More trailers than Eddie Stobart!
We worked from suggestions from the company, improvisation, choreography, scripts and, of course, the films themselves, to create a quick-moving romp through the catalogue, with songs (Get Happy & the Good Ship Lollipop), dances (Singing in The Rain, Ai Ai Ai), moments of high drama (the infamous shower scene and Valentino’s harem) and absurd tom foolery from the Marx brothers. Enjoy the antics of our film icons, Fields and West, Munroe & Curtis, Bogart & Bergman, Storm Brewin and Silvie Screen.
These are the rushes on the cutting room floor, strewn with gay abandon for your delight! Have your hankies ready (like the Doctor in Brief Encounter) for Zhivago collapsing in the street missing Lara yet again and there’s some audience participation, so get your goggles and wings ready for the bouncing bombs in “Don’t give a dam–busters!” and, if you’re feeling energetic, then join in with Jailhouse Rock in the finale!

About this Company
The NYT Integrated Company has been in existence since 1989 and has produced 12 different shows. It relies on an enthusiastic and committed team working for the most part voluntarily together with the practical support and quality theatre provision available within the Curriculum Service of the LEA. As part of the arts for inclusion provision at College Street Centre, it builds upon the weekly Arts + Multi-Arts course based at Shepherd School, allows special needs and mainstream young people to work together in professional conditions to the highest expectations, and reflects the LEA’s Inclusion policy in very practical and effective terms. In the past, the company has toured to the Edinburgh Festival winning a coveted “Fringe First”, to an international festival in Poland, to conferences in a variety of Universities in the UK and has presented seminars on the work at international conferences on Special Needs in Seattle and Dublin. Our ambition is to perform next year’s show at the World Congress in Montpelier in Summer 2004.
We also run courses for adults with learning difficulties in partnership with ncn and the Social Services Departments under the Beyond banner, but what is really needed in Nottingham is an adult company for the young people you see tonight to move onto, so that they may continue to develop their skills in public performance situations and present a positive image of Nottingham on tour. We are seeking ways to establish this at College Street and if anyone has any ideas or suggestions then we would be pleased to hear of them.

The Cast
Matthew Artis
Melissa Astley
Mandy Bellamy
Daniel Blundell
Gary Brookes
Martin Brookes
Rebecca Brown
Michelle Cafferkey
Claire Crawford
Tim Edwards
Lois Filsak
Charlotte Gent
Helena Godfrey
Rebecca Haxby
Mark Hemstock
Bridie Higson
Rachel King
Ben Laurie
Samantha Lowe
Christopher Lund
Mike Mackenzie
Isabelle McEwan
Peter Norton
Phil Pearson
Gavin Richards
Simon Rose
Jean Spurnway
Alexandra Stewart
Abigail Taylor
Jo Taylor
Christopher Travis
Steven Uttley
Natalie Walsh
Liana Wilkins
Robert Wright
Kerryanne Yates

Devised, Directed and Choreographed by
Maria Brawn
Alistair Conquer
Glenys Clifton
Margaret Stannard
David Stewart
Ben Mackenzie
Philip Pearson
Adam Penford
Natalie Walsh

Set Designed by
Eleanor Bull - NTU
Costumes designed by
Gemma Thomas - NTU
Jay Evans - NTU
Liz Cox – NTU
NTU design mentor
Helen Davies

LX Operator
Debra Berber
SM Tom Mowatt
Robert Cole
Sound Operator
Matt Day

Production Manager
Dan Lounds

Adrian Eyre
Matt Riley
Rob Kettridge
Elaine Pearson

Voice Overs
Don Heald
Sean Kane



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