Put That Light Out - February 11 - 14 2004
or By The Tabard As I Lay


The 14th glorious production from the Nottingham Youth Theatre Integrated Company, now joined by Nottingham Theatre of Citizens, an adult theatre group developed from previous members of the Integrated company.

A rehearsal of "Murder in the Cathedral" is abruptly ended by an air raid. It is wartime London and the trials and tribulations of that conflict see a rich array of people suddenly thrown together in the Covent Garden underground. Into this crowd of frightened and anxious people comes a local landlord, Bill Bailey. His brother Harry used to run the Tabard Inn at Southwark. Bill encourages them to entertain each other with stories, dance and song. To the winner; a plate of jellied eels!

This new interpretation of the Canterbury Tales is full of humour, tragedy and warmth. Meet Big Bertha who runs the local slipper baths. Buried five husbands - who will be next? Tom the pot boy recalls happier days at the Tabard. Gert and Daisy imply that Blackout Bella is the only bit of lard which doesn't need a ration card! It reveals the very real lives, loves and frailties of people when dependent on one another for support in times of adversity.   The real murder of Archbishop Thomas adds to the intrigue. Exactly who is the mysterious Mr Mors? The difficulties of living underground are very apparent and tensions can run high. Will Bill be able to keep those fragile spirits up until the all clear? And after the all clear what then?

This is a co-production between the Nottingham Youth Theatre Integrated Company and The Nottingham Theatre of Citizens. The Youth Theatre Company has a national and international reputation for its work. It holds a Fringe First and has entertained many thousands of people over the years. Last summer on a tour of schools they played to some 2000 young people as part of Education Week. The new Nottingham Theatre of Citizens was created in 2003 for adults with special needs. It is supported by Boots Charitable Trust and Fundays in Nottinghamshire. Both these companies provide wonderful opportunities for young people. If you are interested in supporting these ventures or would like more details about membership, please contact Alistair Conquer, at College Street on 0115 9476202.

Scene 1               Theatre Royal, Drury Lane - a rehearsal

Scene 2

Covent Garden (ten minutes previously)
Scene 3 Covent Garden Underground Station
Scene 4 What a Smell!
Scene 5 Mistakes of the night
Scene 6 What do women most desire?
Scene 7 Please help me...
Scene 8 Don't be too cocky!
Scene 9   Judith's Tale
Scene 10 What the hell
Scene 11 Courtly love, unseemly behaviour
Scene 12 Hold your tongue
Scene 13 What a pear!
Scene 14 The all clear?


Cast in order of appearance


Alistair Florian, stage director                         

Peter Norton

Mrs Craddock, head of wardrobe

Kayleigh Owen

Miss Steel, his long suffering assistant

Clare Crawford
Mr Mors, dying to meet you Mark Davis
Reg, an actor Matthew Artis
Bill, an actor Gary Brookes
Sid, an actor Hannah Wiley

Jackson, the air raid warden (ARP)

Rebecca Brown

Mr Rogers, the bank manager

Stephen Green
Gert, a market trader Michelle Cafferkey
Daisy, a market trader Abi Taylor
Jim, the barrow boy Jo Taylor
Florrie, an old flower seller Mary Halliwell
Bert, a musician Stephen Uttley
Lennie, a small time crook James Chisolm
Sergeant Major Hoskins Christopher Lund
Tom, the pot boy Anthony Wilkinson
Rory, a sailor Paul Hefter
Judy, his girl Katie Healy 
Lucy, an evacuee Isabel McEwen
Arthur Mo, hen pecked husband Chris Travis
Sister Suggesta Kerry Ann Brown
Sister Margaret Charlie Lamb

Beryl, a friend of Blackout Bella

Liana Wilkins
Ethel, a friend of Beryl Charlotte Gent
Sadie, a friend of Ethel Helena Godfrey
Nurse Brown Rebecca Haxby
Ted Gallant, a policeman Nathan Edwards
Charlie Twigg, a policeman Martin Brookes

Bill Bailey, landlord of the "Jellied Eel"

Stephen Horton
Vera, a soldier's sweetheart Jean Sparway
Bertha, manageress of the Stepney slipper baths Donna Allsopp
Elsie, the pawnbroker's wife Francesca Marriott
Mr Knight, a man with a quest Gavin Richards
Ada, a knowing old woman Mandy Bellamy
Blossom, an idle daughter Danielle Jaffe
Consuela, a villager Ruth Gilchrist
Janetta, a villager Rachel McCormack-Bland

Chanticleer, a cocky rooster

Phil Pearson
Chickenlickin, his mate Duncan Townsend
Judith, a refugee,married to Simon Lisette Thomas

Marcus Levi, a tailor,her father

Shireesh Sharma
Samuel, Judith's partner Ben Laurie
Paulette, Simon's second wife Samantha Innes-Hind
Nick, the devil Tim Edwards
Rocky, a boxer Simon Rose
Philander, Big Bertha's fourth husband             Robert Wright


Directorial Team


David S Stewart OBE

  Margaret Stannard
  Maria Brawn
  Glenys Clifton
  Duncan Townsend
  Phil Pearson
  Mary Halliwell
Choreography Margaret Stannard
  Phil Pearson
Music and Voice Coach Duncan Townsend
Script thanks to Geoffrey Chaucer
Stage Manager Hannah Morgan
Lighting Meng Li Leong
Sound Sam Clennell-Grainger
Props Tom Mowat
  Debra Berber
  Matt Day
Design Matt Riley
Costume Hannah Wilson
Production Team Dan Lounds
  Rob Kettridge



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