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September 8-16th 2006 Sandfield Theatre

The "Wait for ages, then three come at the same time" season

Presented by Nottingham Youth Theatre Company

This will be the 16th production by the NYT integrated group

Scrooge Phil Pearson
Nicholas Nickleby Tom Hawkey
Mr Crummles Nathan Edwards
Mrs Crummles Hannah Wiley
Smallweed Chris Lund
Estella Ruth Gilchrist
Pip Ben Laurie
Mr Bumble Stephen May
Mrs Squeers Emily Gurney
Peggoty Penny Jones
Mrs Snevellici Clare Crawford
Mr Folair Rob Shore
Miss Havisham Mary Halliwell
Widow Corney Jessie Carter-Kay
Bill Sykes Anthony Wilkinson
Artful Dodger Matthew Artis

David S. Stewart OBE,
Glenys Clifton
Maria Brawn

Choreographer Margaret Stannard
Stage Manager Hannah Morgan
Technical Co-ordinator Tom Mowat

How do you solve a problem, Maria?

I'll show you!

Get the rug-ged look!

Like this!

or this!

Waiting for Ricky Gervais to ask

He wore Red Velvet!

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