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It has been customary in this group for all members to regularly audition, after their initial piece. This encourages wider experience and a continually fresh approach. Members can see themselves and be seen in a new light as their skills develop.

Use the past audition notes for advice and ideas.

Details of past and present auditions


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Some Past Audition Pages
with notes

27 September 2011

April 2010

28 September 2008

20 November 2007

3 February 2007

April 2003


Next Company Audition

Tuesday 6.00 pm September 25th 2012

Current members re-auditioning:
-What you are proposing to do must be checked with a director,
-You may work solo or in a group, maximum of three.

Next Open Audition Dates:

Tuesday 6.00 pm October 2nd 2012

Venue: College Street Centre NG1 5AQ

On the night, there will be separate auditions for young people with Learning Difficulties and those auditioning for the 13-19 group, only for the sake of space and time.

Prospective new members:
- wear something appropriate,
- be prepared to stay for the full time,
- have a prepared solo piece ready, such as a two to three minutes prepared (i.e. learnt and rehearsed) speech from a play or song (backing track only, not singing along with the recording)
- have a look at past audition links on the left for ideas and consider the comments and bear them in mind as you prepare.

BUT please avoid a maudlin teen-angst piece pulled off the internet, written by Ms. Anonymous&Troubled from Rocking-cum-Teddy in Surrey, about how difficult it is to be in the world-Shakespeare, Sophocles and many more have done that already and very much better!!