Audition Notes February 3rd 2007

"The Day the Music Died"
Buddy Holly, JP "Big Bopper" Richardson and Ritchie Valens all died in a plane crash while travelling from one gig to another.
Well done Roxie- who got it all! See also Don McLean (Madonna) - American Pie

Three Common problems on the day

1 Rushing - Having learnt the lines, it isn't just a matter of getting them out as fast as we can, Think about varying the pace for effect, shifting volume and tone or pitch of voice.

2 Wandering - We see as much as we hear, so always make sure you know where you are, and why for every bit of your performance. Otherwise the shuffling and wandering become a distraction.

3 "That's it" - Never, Never, Never finish a piece with "that's it!" It sounds like you couldn't care less and reminds the audience that it is a mewling, puking child who has just done their party piece, rather than an actor who has just created a character for them.

name piece comments
Michael 8


a little rushed, but good attempts at diction and expression of Tiresisas. Eye focus a challenge, needs some observation.
Marcus 19

A Doll's House

Rushing, needed a range of pace, to indicate his frustration and anger. Focus all one way, perhaps coulod have broken away at times, only to come back again with more force. Physicalising his fury.
Katie 1 wymark-find me eye contact wandered a bit, good shift of characterisation to the social worker, Jean , very impressive - difficult piece to have a go at for this performer, but a very good stab at it.
Abi 4 Godber- Shakers hands in pockets a bit too much, but good sense of the role, shifts between the situation and character. good pace leaving the audience to create pictures in their own heads
misty44 A Memory ? sense of something having been learnt, and got a sense of pace, but why was this your "memory"? we need to distance what we experience by putting that in other characters and situations. Use of detail eg. "sam's mum, sandra" was a nice touch, rather static, hands in pockets.
chelsi 5

West Side Story
/Bernstein / ?

dialogue and song in words, well done clearly spoken and with a sense of the passion behind what she is saying. 10 Bonus points for knowing and correctly recognising the writer of the dialogue as Arthur Laurents. Robbins choreographed, Bernstein wrote the Music - Further 10 bonus points for first person to email with name of person who wrote the lyrics, the lyricist.
leah 40 derek /trestle Good to see something coming out of the work we've done. good physicality, did we need the narration?, but this was an excellent try.
ben 54 his poem rapping poem -needed to be a bit louder, but effort put into learning and rhyming. More of this needed.
katie 42 dryden-|Power of the dog- lisa sense of the ridiculous nature of modern interpretations of Sh. think a little more of what you are doing
helen 43 Harling- Steel Magnolias -Shelby gd accent, well sustained, clear delivery, so the sense of the piece became apparent. a sense of pace and creation of the 'others' on stage. eye contact somewhat fixed to begin with, and then towards end used it well.
masa 46 Williams- Cat on a hot tin roof -maggie excellent sense of the slow drawled pace of the southern accent. changed pace appropriately with volume and 'cat' section well handled. good
lottie 26 anne Frank spoke into the floor a bit, better when she lifted her head. bit rushed. often the text tells us how to say things. "imagine!" so we need time as an audience to do just that, ponder a bit. good choice of piece well prepared and delivered.
Milly 11 giving notes-v wood very nice charactersation, clear, dialect. timing good, although some of the jokes got a little lost through dropping at the end of lines. nice sense of the piece
scott 47 hamlet too too solid flesh- very good scott impressive in the understanding of his 'angstiness'. one prompt, but because the concentration went not the words.
shady 7 Grahame-Wind i.t.willows Good characterisation, and switching of characters. character distinction and speech clear.Toad too much into the floor a little at the start. Well learnt and impressive piece from the sort of performer that has the balance right. Not "pushy", looked a little nervous and unsure in the workshop, but absolutely secure in the one thing she had control over, the piece she had fully prepared. Many could learn a lesson from this performance.
vanessa 10 justification made-up, sit down monologue - lots of angst, short, but a character
josie 23 cartwright-when
learnt and for this performer a good sense of pace, avoided rushing and got a lot of the subtlety of expression. changes handled well. gave herself a challenge and pulled it off.
emily 51 Williams-something unspoken- grace handled the re-start well. lost concentration pity. very difficult piece. This is a lady of mature years - and although it didn't come off in the end, well worth the try.
eva 33 Bronte-jane eyre changes of mood from desperation to anger. she's confused and with a vivid imagination and this came over well. clear vocally. she's a dramatic youth at this stage and it was handled well.
alex 6 Sh- KJ Constance "disorder in my wit" the cue's there, very good delivery
marissha 12 Sh-R&J juliet knew it but needed to have thought out the movement. a little rushed -she's in love -excited - confused, uncertain
simon 20 Sh-MND - Oberon knew the piece but wandered about a bit. avoid "that's it!" Sh. didn't write that. clear vocally, but needed a little more of the power and presence of the man
yando 39 Wilson-double-act read- better when he engaged the audience with eye contact.
luke 18 Sh-MND
Puck's epilogue
good entrance -a little breathy, but better than another old general. strong sense of the playful puck movement. Really showed that there's more than straightbacked characters from Chesterton or Priestley. Besides the use of levels, a disturbing gollum quality about him-not far from the tradition from which he stems. Pook's Hill was proud of the boy.
bianca 52 own piece set in holocaust something of a sense of the uncertainty. learnt and whilst it was sometimes artificially emotive it created impact in the audience (not a bad thing!) Use of repetition worked well.This performer needed to get her head round a script and a drawn character, that will challenge her, has presence, but needs to start using it. More thinking time.
clare 16 maggie-cat TW a little rushed, and a some got lost in the pace and accent. but very well sustained. she's a bit frenetic at this stage, talking too much and this came over very well.
calvin 15 Sh- ? + BB poem read. needs to put more effort into preparing and presenting, only redeemed slightly by being able to recite -from memory- what he had presented the week before. Everyone needs to know that everyone will put 100% in -all the time- otherwise there's no trust and others get fed up.- Are you listening?
becky 13 lucy-monologue wandering a little, but knew it and had a sense of what it was all about. clear voice . ending somewhat
melissa 14 tracy's sister-monologue created the door well and the sister going on, all a little on one tone
alice 9 scrooge xmas carol very short speech from scrooge, good try, wandering and avoided eye contact with audience
tilly 31 own experience

short exclamation to mother very brief

jake 28 fat temple good vocally, physically rather loose and manic, but using inflection in the voice very well. Lines very secure-Needed more planning in the presentation
Zach 30 ordinary person monologue good piece, very clear vocally with good diction
erin 35 made-up chair not necessary troubled by ghosts . v.short and was this represetative of what she can do.
natalie 36 going to be fostered. talked up stage a lot so we missed any facial reaction to her charcetr
vanessa 34 catholic schoolgirls instructions to new recruits. created her own fantasy well, needed to think a bit more about movement
kera-louise 37 owl & pussycat some nervous fiddling with clothes but piece learnt and had a sense of the dialogue within the poem. It is virtually nonsense, so there has to be something more than just recitation
meshach 45 Kirk-the coke v quiet, knew it , but the audience needed to hear it
chloe 25 favourite things

tuneful needs a little more power but eye focus in air on floor anywhere but on the audience. Strong tuning, if you were sat next to her. more sense of the character needed, and expression in the song.

daniel 29 oberon-mnd "eye-vee-eye" = Act Four Scene 1-he meant to say- a bit `awkward' and hands in pockets, but strong voice clear and easily understood -some more demonstrative gesture and movement for which this performer is well known would have done well here for this role.
nicole 32 docherty poem daughter gd expression and pace in the delivery, posture a bit static, with fiddly fingers could perhaps have found something more script based to show of what she is capable.
roxy 41 steaming-josie clear words, moved about quite a bit, but (as she's only got a towel on and slowly steaming in a turkish bath) would that have been possible.good presence and understanding of the character. was the hold up her fault? or the prompter- using an 'other' needs rehearsal.
chad 48 speech to the cabinet hopping about a bit but did try to get eye contact with his potential audience. Needed to be learned, as the serious content needs the 'show' of commitment to draw the audience in. This could have been very convincing with more passion and certainty. needed some more work behind it.
chantich 49 little boy short -but showed what was possible in terms of expression and character.
danielle 50 jane eyre -cb clear and powerful delivery. diction very good. impressive, knew the words but needed to think about posture, movement and a specific focus.
terri-ann 53 mia pulp fiction fox force five, this was well learnt. allowed herself to be distracted at one point, but had learnt a good length speech. a little quiet, breathy in delivery most this performer has ever said. Clearly capable, now begin to use that ability rather than hiding in the shade all the time.
Aimee 55 ?-princess diaries-mia wandered a little, but knew the speech and had some sense of pace. needed to work on the ending to build it a little more rather than being so abrupt.
Hannah 2 Godber-Shakers nicki positive and good positive eye contact, arms got a bit fixed behind the back, but a real sense of nicki's experience. nice ending
Hannah 22


good use of characterisation and although moving about rather too loosely, the idea of this woman's experience came over.
maddie 24 poem on Macbeth nerves were driving this one, got rushed towards the end and too steady in the rhythm so we rather lost some of the sentiment
braden 56 everything I do not prepared, read words, quite tuneful despite not being in his range, should have made an effort to learn it. capable of a lot more.
tilly 38 wilson-? ruby & garnet good attempt at two different roles. clear voice and diction this was strong delivery, definition got less by the end, but a good idea to have a go at.
liz 17

daisy pulls it off

very rushed, needed to slow down to get over the wittiness of the pastiche of the Angela Brazil stuff - diction very good considering the breakneck pace and would have been very funny if any of the audience had heard it. remember this is playing on a particular style, mostly beyond the ken of the audience she had. needed to be much slower and more pointed to get the jokes. still, a good piece well learnt and she must be psychic!
jordan 21 miller- crucible too brief - had some sense of the bully Abigail is- more please
alex wymark-find me mrs taylor - eye contact a problem here until towards the middle good sense of the uncertainty of the mother confronted by the difficulty of her situation. difficult piece a good challenge and attempted well