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Audition Notes September 28th 2008 et sequens

Current members could work together, but no more than two in a group and equivalent to two minutes per person with something new, different, risky!? but well prepared and presented to indicate your respect for and commitment to the company.

Potential new members had to prepare (i.e. learn and rehearse) an individual piece of two minutes in length.
If they were short of ideas, they were advised to look at the pages on previous auditions on NYT home page.

Issues from previous sessions
1-Rushing - Having learnt the lines, it isn't just a matter of getting them out as fast as you can. Think about varying the pace for effect, shifting volume and tone or pitch of voice.

2-Wandering - We see as much as we hear, so always make sure you know where you are, and why, for every bit of your performance. Otherwise the shuffling and wandering become a distraction.

3-"That's it" - Never, Never, Never finish a piece with "that's it!" It sounds like you couldn't care less and reminds the audience that it is a mewling, puking child who has just done their party piece, rather than an actor who has just created a character for them.

4- Internet monologues- whilst they might serve your turn, one of the ideas for doing auditions regularly is for you to find real plays , read them and then select sections, to demonstrate understanding of drama, character etc.

5- Self-penned pieces can be very unhelpful and on the whole should be avoided in the audition process, because you should be trying to work on two things at once, structure, direction, intention at the same time as performing, blocking, pace, timing, focus etc.

6-Preparation, commitment to the piece and your performance of it, learning the piece, blocking the piece, focus and concentration

no. name piece comments
1 Charlee R MND-Shakespeare -Helena
Did it well despite insecurity of words. tried to retain some character rather than just a reading. Make eye contact with the audience to ensure they are with you, otherwise they may all go home without you noticing.
2 Chelsea E Alice in Wonderland
Confident and clear, a little rushed, but not phased by doing the third version of the same piece.
3 Jack R Friendship Poem
Good, Point came over clearly, you made the words count, although there could have been some physical gestures.
4 Eliza Mc Mia-littlest in all things
Good, full of the expression and affectation of the character, using the face well and projecting clearly.
5 Freddie I War of the Worlds-Wells/Wayne opening extracts
This was a long learn, very well done, but a bit hurried. Yes, it is designed to have an underscore of dramatic music, but some careful pauses and a sense of telling a story, it was a book originally, would have drawn us into this frightening tale.
6 Daniel Mc Tropical Fish
Nice rich voice that is worth cultivating, good clear and up-front delivery of the piece,(pity about my rubbish joke that followed!)
7 Mollie L Big Feet
Well handled and whilst funny, you didn't try to milk it. Some of the words got lost and it was a bit rushed but good start.
8 Tiger CT Lotte Project
Good piece and clearly delivered. Good expression, though you could have allowed a little more time for some of the ideas to sink in.
9 Carmen D MND-Shakespeare Helena
Nice portrayal of what is a confused upset teenage girl, moping and lovesick, (who could that be, I wonder?) Movement a bit uncontrolled, although the awkwardness fitted the role. Vocally clear and sense of the words coming over though some rushed over possibly suggesting you did not know what they meant.
10 Indigo E Alice in Wonderland
Used pause and silence well. We all wondered what had happened to her. Clear vocally and created the hole... and the approaching bottom very well.
11 Chloe L Monologue on Horses
Very clear delivery well prepared and carefully delivered. Think about what you want your audience to understand from what you are saying, it's all important, but what needs the most emphasis?
12 Frances L Grandma's House
Very good expression, and clarity of the words and sense. Facial expression also very good - we really understood how the character felt about going to Grandma's
13 Jonathan F The Crucible-Miller
Good presence for a key speech in the play, the establishment of some sort of reason for what they want to do to others. Clearly delivered with a sense of the moment in the address.
14 Destini H Still I Rise-Angelou
Poetic gesture to go with this powerful piece, Caught the message well and delivered with sense and purpose.
15 Thomas C Weird Sisters-Pratchett
Pratchett's full of levels of meaning
16 Abbie B Brief History of Helen of Troy- Schultz
Excellent accent, carefully paced and thoughtfully blocked, judicious cutting well done-know your audience!- a more confident and less self conscious performance than when we last saw you
17 Stephen P Anorak of Fire-Dinsdale
Good choice, but hard to do, as it relies on the very deadpan ironic delivery and of course the props. But it was well-prepared and indicated a sense of humour which is always useful in relating to an audience
18 Isabella N Alice in Wonderland
Once got going this worked well, a little bit of fidgeting with scarf, but on the whole clear and well-paced
19 Lara Q A Fairy Tale
Interesting start to capture the attention
20 Katie S Lucky/Cool -Morpurgo
Well-prepared thoughtful and used the audience well.
21 Misty I Love is a Place
Well-prepared and delivered, confident without going over the top.
22 James W Julius Caesar-Shakespeare - Mark Antony
Good choice Good rounded voice, being used well. Point 1 above refers. You knew the text and the context, we needed more of the sense of moment, some pause for effect, some gesture for emphasis. He has to turn the mob into a crowd baying for Brutus' head.
23 Amy T Lady Macbeth
Scary-very scary once you got into it- and it should be. She's a very scary lady. Again a little rushed, this is her power behind the throne, "spine up you weed" speech and you could enjoy the words more. Well done
24 Tolu F Caroline Duffy poem
Good delivery, there's more in that voice that has yet to come out, and a good sense of what the poem was about, Good.
25 Jake Mc This is a Test
It was a test, twice, and better second time through. Strong vocally and good sense of expression. A rather Jake-like finger-wagging caricature of the old lady singing teacher, Need to work on that eye focus although you had thought about it, it still seemed like you were talking to anyone other than us.
26 Misty D Kindertransport-Samuels
Good piece and well done for finding a strong text to work from but need now to think about expression, just because a piece is about desperate things, does not mean it has to have a flat delivery. Despite what we know they were leaving behind, they were actually being saved, so there needs to be some sense of looking forward as well as looking back.
33 Chelsi T Noughts and Crosses with 34
Good entrance, strong opening, maintained throughout. Good work, now find more and build upon what you can do.
34 Annie O Noughts and Crosses with 33
Good well-rehearsed intro to this piece using the two of you to draw the audience into it. Confident, clear and carefully paced delivery
35 Lucy C Secret Garden-Burnett
Captured us and told the story, well done. even though it is well known it still can transport an audience into their own secret garden of the mind. Clearly delivered and presented
36 Holly C House on the Strand-Du Maurier
What a surprise you gave us-well done! Confident, clear, learnt with expression, took command of the space and told the story. A bit of wandering but
37 Amy S

DNA-Dennis Kelly

Masterclass in performance: Balance, variety, pace, focus, timing like the jam line. well done
38 Chris G Shawshank Redemption - Parole speech
Casual and confident, the character, not you, although this was a very accomplished capture of an interesting speech
39 Daniel A Firing in the Night- Atherton
Nice to see an instrument played accompanying yourself with your own material. A sentence to put the song in context might have helped, or are you thinking of releasing it as a single from the show?
40 Terri-Ann B

My Mother Said I Never Should- Keatley with 43

More positive than anything else you have done. good strong beginning. Could have done with seeing/hearing more
41 Fred S I had a duck-billed Platypus
Uncharacteristically hesitant about this and then faltered a little at the end, but middle was good. rushed again to get it out instead of relishing the words and images created. It's odd, meant to be odd about an odd creature, make it odd, be odd!
42 Hannah L Fairy-tale Princess
Well handled change from the traditional lines. The comedy lines were delivered well with a good pointed last line. Think about using yourself more exploiting your height and physicality in putting over the ideas.
43 Bianca T My Mother Said I Never Should- Keatley with 40
Get rid of all that pretence and fuss at the start, it becomes irritating to others who can't grasp the roles as you are obviously able to. Piece spoke for itself. Very well paced, captured the rather selfish attitude of this character, well delivered, thoughtfully-paced
44 Claudia C Jane Eyre
Stuck in the room and not happy. Good. Might have been useful to try and delineate the size of the room as it appeared to get bigger as you started Up right then moved into centre, good, but it began to make this small room almost limitless. Clear voice and delivered well.
45 Helen W

From George-Don't Do That- Joyce Grenfell

Classic piece, but not the most well-known. Got some of the 'patience' expressed by the nursery teacher and also had thought about levels and space. A little bit rushed, but kept our interest in all the characters
46 Edward B Cell Block Tango (46,52,53,55,59,60)
Exceeded the stated dose, but well worth it. Very well rehearsed, polished and presented piece, with commitment and panache. most enjoyable to see people stretching themselves.
47 Simon C Speech from V for Vendetta
good piece and handled the aliteration well, although rushed it out far too quickly without enjoying the sense of the words. Some sense of the theatricality of the character, but again lots of room for more. More concentration to avoid being distracted and not doing work of which you are capable.
48 Hannah B Out here on my own-from Fame
Well tuned and a sense of the character. resonant on "Baby be strong for me" good
49 Martha ML

Ideal Husband-Wilde

Clearly delivered with good expression, some rushing and was the chair a good idea? Would one of Wilde's young ladies have sat with her legs crossed?
50 Marcus C Hamlet-Shakespeare
soliloquy played against expectation with a carefully considered piece, a touch rushed in places, but getting on top of the language and sense of the piece.
51 Becky B Invisible Friends-Ayckbourn
well rehearsed and prepared, good use of the aside and had thought about space and levels in the delivery.
52 Roxanne K Cell Block Tango (46,52,53,55,59,60)
Exceeded the stated dose, but well worth it. Very well rehearsed, polished and presented piece, with commitment and panache. most enjoyable to see people stretching themselves.
53 Chloe C Cell Block Tango (46,52,53,55,59,60)
Exceeded the stated dose, but well worth it. Very well rehearsed, polished and presented piece, with commitment and panache. most enjoyable to see people stretching themselves.
54 Natalia D Joseph prologue
unaccompanied and good tuning only a couple of flat notes and got rather breathy in the middle, but not shying away from the high notes.
55 Liam W Cell Block Tango (46,52,53,55,59,60)
Exceeded the stated dose, but well worth it. Very well rehearsed, polished and presented piece, with commitment and panache. most enjoyable to see people stretching themselves.
57 Nakeem D  
58 Meshach D  
59 Maddy B Cell Block Tango (46,52,53,55,59,60)
Exceeded the stated dose, but well worth it. Very well rehearsed, polished and presented piece, with commitment and panache. most enjoyable to see people stretching themselves.
60 Zach BM Cell Block Tango (46,52,53,55,59,60)
Exceeded the stated dose, but well worth it. Very well rehearsed, polished and presented piece, with commitment and panache. most enjoyable to see people stretching themselves.
61 Alex B
No Good Deed from Wicked
What a way to make a point..... and also show everyone what you are made of. Excellent performance of a difficult song with tempo changes, dialogue over , emotional shifts and climax. A powerful rendition, - what next?
62 Jamie Mc Up 'n' Under -Godber
A little bit of hesitation, but clearly delivered once in the flow. Keep voice and head up, nice shifts in tone. Making the commitment to doing a repertoire piece-well done
63 Danielle H Alice in Wonderland
Too much fuss at start - just do it. Learnt but too apologetic, you need to have more confidence about what you have prepared and use your presence to deliver it. You have a strong voice-use it, stop trying to hide it.
64 Lottie B Wouldn't it Be Lovely - Oliver
Strong vocally well done! good character and phrasing of the song, you showed something different and worked a cappella well done. some wandering at times that drew away from the character and rendition.
65 Lily C It's a fine life-Oliver
Confident, good eye-contact and expression You had clearly thought through the business to go along with the song. You knew what you were talking about, well done
66 Jamie RT Hamlet - Shakespeare

Very well-paced, thoughtful soliloquy getting around the language and making good sense - "of great pith and moment"

67 Nicole S Tich Miller-Cope
Discussed all the faffing beforehand. Just do it! Significant shift into performance mode was good and once going delivered well, lost some of the 'moment' of the last line, but a good choice. Watch fidgeting and fiddling of hands, and end, don't shrug as if you are apologising for your work. It was good
68 Wolf B