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Key Words:
Seven Cs
Concentration - Convention
Consistency - Commitment
- Co-operation

Notes for follow up:

ARISTOPHANES-satirical, political comedy
MENANDER- Situation comedy with fixed character types
ROMAN COMEDY (Plautus & Terence)-developed Menandrine comedy and made it much more domestic
COMMEDIA DELL' ARTE-'improvised' sequence of comedy sketches based on a catalogue of recognisable character types (and masks)
STOCK CHARACTERS - A range of exaggerated character types still used in sit.com.s today.
- the moment of realisation/

CATHARSIS- the feeling of both fear and pity evoked in the audience by a good tragedy; according to AristotleCLIMAX- the high point of tension
- word comes from Gk. 'tragos' -a goat. The goat was sacrificed to the god Dionysus whilst the story was sung - a goat song.
- word comes from Gk. 'komos' - a wild celebratory revel, dance, song, story, booze-up to Dionysus.
DIONYSUS-Greek god of wine, ritual madness and ecstasy. Celebrations to him were the driving force behind the development of Gk Theatre.
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- Senex Iratus: Grumpy Old Man
- Miles Gloriosus: Braggart Soldier
- 'Shrewish' Wife
- Clever, witty, laddish 'servant'
- Clumsy, foolish, sometimes smelly servant
- innocent young female
- more knowing, manipulative young female
- attractive young male 'lover'
- soppier young male 'unrequited lover'


Making Drama
- exposition
- denouement
- plot
- structure
- character

-deus ex machina
-"the willing suspension of disbelief" (Coleridge)

Staging signals - proximity of actors to the audience and each other (cf. John Webster)

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