Dance to the Music of Time Tour

Karlsruhe Tempel, Nancy Pulnoy, Poznan Stary Rynek, Minsk Palace,Ghent Castle
Dance to the Music of Time Tour


Summer & Autumn 2000 Dance to the Music of Time was funded by the Millennium Festival Fund and involved 32 young people, some with learning difficulties, creating a Dance, Drama performance that toured all of Nottingham's European Twin and link Cities, and then formed the central part of the freefall festival in October 2000. For 16 days at the end of July and into August, well-supported by McDonalds, the group visited and performed in Karlsruhe, Nancy, Poznan, Minsk, Berlin, Brussels and Ghent. Accommodation was mostly in hostels and homestay in Minsk, except for Poznan where we stayed one night to break the journey from Nancy to Minsk in 5* luxury at the Hotel Poznan thanks to our kind friend Wlodek Walkowiak, Hon. British Consul.



Alistair Conquer, Sarah Dudley / Helen Davies