Funnybones: Humerus History

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Funnybones: Humerus History


April 24 to May 5 Mosina Festival and July 2-5 1996 Sandfield Theatre. Presented by Nottinghamshire Education Theatre Company. In November 1994, Nottinghamshire Education Theatre Company were given permission to adapt the very popular Funnybones books by Janet and Allan Ahlberg and Andre Amstutz. This show sold out in Nottinghamshire where extra performances had to be added to the schedule and then again in Edinburgh at the International Festival Fringe in August 1995. This integrated group of young people from mainstream and special schools pranced and danced around the streets of Edinburgh to drum up trade for the show, but ended up turning people away. Because of the success of the first Funnybones show which followed many of the simple story-lines in the books we sought permission to create our own volume in the series, based on the idea of skeletons visiting various periods of British history. Just as the original Funnybones books were intended as amusing introductions to reading, we have taken some liberties with historical accuracy to locate skeletons at various periods which are popular focus areas of study in the Primary School. We hope that they will provide the beginnings of a route into some of those periods.


Big Skeleton

Robet Cole

Little Skeleton

Louise Biddulph
Helena Godfrey


Time Lord

Nathan Miller


The Company

Helen Barton
Tim Edwards
Charlotte Gent
Fritz Pal
Abigail Taylor
Joe Taylor
Mark Taylor
Liana Wilkins
Robert Zdanowski



Alistair Conquer
David Stewart



Jessica Kemp


Assistant Director

Susan Brown
with Maria Braun
and Monica Leech


Margaret Stannard
with Tracy Blackman

Stage Manager

James Johnson


Assistant Designers

Helen Davis
Michelle Wood
Jenny Daley


Technical Co-ordinator

Simon MacColl


Polish Language Coach

Gina Koltonowska


Alistair Conquer , David Stewart et al Susan (Earl) Brown