Guys & Dolls

Sandfield Theatre
Guys & Dolls


September 16-21 1996 Sandfield Theatre. Presented by the Nottinghamshire Education Theatre Company. Edinburgh, as we had known it, was over. Even though we had increasingly delivered value for money by increasing the opportunity but not the cost, the budget took it's toll and we looked for pastures new. This was the first of a series of large scale summer musicals with the Brassery, excellent set and costumes, energetic and spectacular dance numbers and fine individual and ensemble performances. It was also a surprise for Chairman Fred Riddell - this was really the musical he wanted when we did the previous Salvation Army shows, 'The Devil You Know' in 1991 and 'Kate and The General' in 1992. Real water in the sewers, (who had it away with that big tank?), moving walls and wild Havana what more could you want? Based on a story and characters of Damon Runyon.




Nathan Detroit

Peter Caulfield/Chris Throup 


Sky Masterson

Adam Penford/Stephen Trotter 


Nicely-Nicely Johnson

Jack Fortescue/Joe Simpson


Benny Southstreet

Simon Dodge/James Grimsey


Rusty Charlie

Andy Case/Thomas Wildish


Big Jule

Sam Kirk


Harry the Horse

Adam Penford/Stephen Trotter 


Society Max

Nathan Miller


Joey Biltmore

Peter Caulfield/Chris Throup


Angie the Ox

Jack Fortescue/Joe Simpson


Liver Lips Louie

Simon Dodge/James Grimsey

Broadway Guys

Lee Bamford
Andrew Dicker
Paul Graham
Colin Hoult
Phillip Pearson


Miss Adelaide

Helen Barton/Heather Lilley


Hot Box Girls

Emma Annetts

Rebecca Brice
Natalie Court
Geeta Pendse
Hayley Wilkinson
Tracey Blackman
Emily Chennery
Katya Harvey
Dawn Machin-Smith

Broadway Dolls

Holly Brown
Laura Crossley
Beatrice Hackett
Hannah Kinsey
Catherine Meredith
Joanne Warren

Rachel Cooper
Penny Gretton
Gemma Kempson
Natalie Lafond
Hayley Scott
Natalie West

The Salvation Army


Sarah Brown

Laura Halliwell/Mary Halliwell


Arvide Abernethy

Alys Morrell/Amy Whinnett

Geneal Matilda B Cartwright

Jemma Robinson


A Saved Soul

Matthew Bryan/David Hawkey



Gavin Abell
Holly Hope
Sara Veevers

Sara Baker
Charlotte Jones
Jenni Will


The Law 

Lt. Brannigan

David Hawkey/Matthew Bryan


An Officer

Jonathan Withey

The Brassery     

Greg Arrowsmith
Paul Greenwood
Melanie Head
Nicholas Smith

John Burch
Dawn Harding
Toby Kennedy
Stephanie Wainwright


Howard Brown
Matthew Colls
Stephanie Roper

Ashley Buxton
Ben Lee



Tom Breeze

Simon Evans
Owen Cox
Aimee James

Tasmin Cox

Helen Maltby

Becky Sackman

Drum Kit    
Neil Wright

John Turville

Technical Production Team

Alistair Conquer

Assistant Director    
Susan Brown

Helen Davies

Design Assistants    
Jessica Kemp
Jenny Daley
Angela Baker 

Gina Koltonowska
Janet Bird


Musical Director (Brassery)    
Phil Smith


Musical Director (Singing)    
Steve Parry with Steph Gray-Blest & Alison Howard


Julie Arnold & Emma Hawley


Company Stage Manager    
Nathan Miller

On the Book    
Sarah Jackson
Rebecca Diggle

James Johnson

Production Assistant    
Beatrice Hackett

Alistair Bland
Dan Lounds
Nicola Still

Daniel Gill
Jane Mason
And members of the Company


Tom Eaton

Darren Kirk

Simon MacColl 
with Lucia Hogg
Andrew Douglas

Ricky Moorhouse


The Brassery Crew    
Anna Chambers
Hannah Kinsey

Ben Huson

Assistant Stage Managers

Jo Duckhouse
Hayley Scott
Daniel Tombs
Nicola Mee

Beth Roberts
Sam Smith
Rebecca Wilkinson


Alistair Conquer, Susan (Earl) Brown Steve Parry, Phil Smith / Helen Davies


NET & Brassery