HP: Saucer of Secrets

Royal Concert Hall
HP: Saucer of Secrets


Monday 16th December 2002 Royal Concert Hall 34 Schools with Nottingham Music School delighted a full house at the Royal Concert Hall with a broad and inclusive programme including: South Wilford HandBells, African drumming, Big Band and Stage Band classics, a new commission for Orchestra, drums and choir, "Canto Virginem", by Robert Steadman, and a few famous schoolchildren dropped in to discover Father Christmas forlorn at the changing meaning of Christmas. NYT members, Sophie Chapman, Charelle Griffiths and Bridie Higson confidently compered the highly organised event with Barbara Coombs leading the MDO team and most of the College Street staff in the logistical problems of getting 300 pupils onto the stage and off again without any hiccoughs.



Barbara Coombs, the Music Team and all staff


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