NOW, That's What I Call Movies

Sandfield Theatre
NOW, That's What I Call Movies


The 13th glorious production from the Nottingham Youth Theatre Integrated Company. Imagine yourself in a kaleidoscopic dream of images, words and odd connections based on films and film stars we have come to know and love. Where you can jump from the bicycle scene in Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid to ET, from Ingmar Bergman’s Seventh Seal to The Thomas Crown Affair, from Hammer Horror to Batman, from The Beast With Five Fingers to Ben Hur. More trailers than Eddie Stobart! We worked from suggestions from the company, improvisation, choreography, scripts and, of course, the films themselves, to create a quick-moving romp through the catalogue, with songs (Get Happy & the Good Ship Lollipop), dances (Singing in The Rain, Ai Ai Ai), moments of high drama (the infamous shower scene and Valentino’s harem) and absurd tom foolery from the Marx brothers. Enjoy the antics of our film icons, Fields and West, Munroe & Curtis, Bogart & Bergman, Storm Brewin and Silvie Screen. These are the rushes on the cutting room floor, strewn with gay abandon for your delight! Have your hankies ready (like the Doctor in Brief Encounter) for Zhivago collapsing in the street missing Lara yet again and there’s some audience participation, so get your goggles and wings ready for the bouncing bombs in “Don’t give a dam–busters!” and, if you’re feeling energetic, then join in with Jailhouse Rock in the finale!



Dave Stewart, Glenys Clifton, Margaret Stannard, Maria Braun, with Alistair Conquer


NYT Inclusive Co.