Put That Light Out

Sandfield Theatre
Put That Light Out


The 14th glorious production from the Nottingham Youth Theatre Integrated Company, now joined by Nottingham Theatre of Citizens, an adult theatre group developed from previous members of the Integrated company. A rehearsal of "Murder in the Cathedral" is abruptly ended by an air raid. It is wartime London and the trials and tribulations of that conflict see a rich array of people suddenly thrown together in the Covent Garden underground. Into this crowd of frightened and anxious people comes a local landlord, Bill Bailey. His brother Harry used to run the Tabard Inn at Southwark. Bill encourages them to entertain each other with stories, dance and song. To the winner; a plate of jellied eels! This new interpretation of the Canterbury Tales is full of humour, tragedy and warmth. Meet Big Bertha who runs the local slipper baths. Buried five husbands - who will be next? Tom the pot boy recalls happier days at the Tabard. Gert and Daisy imply that Blackout Bella is the only bit of lard which doesn't need a ration card! It reveals the very real lives, loves and frailties of people when dependent on one another for support in times of adversity. The real murder of Archbishop Thomas adds to the intrigue. Exactly who is the mysterious Mr Mors? The difficulties of living underground are very apparent and tensions can run high. Will Bill be able to keep those fragile spirits up until the all clear? And after the all clear what then?



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