There's No Place Like Rome

Sandfield Theatre
There's No Place Like Rome


September 13-17 2010 Sandfield Theatre NYT 1419 in a right carry-on, up the Tiber! Affairs will just have to wait! There'll be laughing and singing and music swinging so grab a partner and head out to the parquet. You may look the other way. You know what I mean! But if you're gonna do it don't throw it away! Oowee-Whoa-oa-oa! And if you like it then you shoulda put a ring on it


The Cast


House of Aquarius



Marcus Clarke


Vesuvia, his wife

Eve Miller


Ludicrus, their son

Conor Hadfield


Fabulus, their daughter

Roxie Keon

Felix, adopted 'son'

Hannah Brent

Preposterus, their slave

Liam Mills

Dextrus, their slave

Jake McCollough


House of Gemini 



Daniel Atherton


Heina, his wife

Siâna-Mae Heppellsecker


Spuria, their twin daughter

Annie Ward


Aula, their twin daughter

Abby Briggs


Filta, their slave

Chloe Culpin



Jupiter, also in disguise as Magistrate

Liam Webber


Venus, goddess of Love, his wife

Amy Tutin


Venettes, her companions

Misty-Rose Dunsmore, Sancha O'Donnell,
Nicole Terrelonge, EmerNiamh Godfrey,
Destini Henry, Kate Swan, Chelsi Thomas


Cupid, her messenger

Martha Myers Lowe


Mars, elderly god of war

Simon Clarke


Prince Supersillius

Edward Boott


Prince Obsequius

Jamie Read-Tannock


Health & Safeticus, an official

Fred Swan


Unctuous, Virgin of the Year MC

Holly Campbell


Daisy Athensborough, a lion hunter

Becky Barnsley


Lecter the Lion

Nic Miller


Courier, the Messenger

Chelsi Thomas


Marcus & Spensa, wedding planners

Nicole Terrelonge & Kate Swan


Titus & Dronicus, Soldiers

Destini Henry and Emerniamh Godfrey


Costumes by Vicki & Louise at Nottingham Community Wardrobe.

Technical by Dan Lounds, Rob Kettridge and Aidy Eyre, Carol Slattery, Anna-Marie Alton with Alice Whitehouse and Becca Farndale

Script by Marcus Clarke and Gareth Morgan with the Company
Direction: Alistair Conquer, Gareth Morgan, Luke Clarke, Laura Halliwell
Musical Direction: Steve Parry
Choreography: Luke Clarke with the Company

This is a Nottingham Youth Theatre 1419 student devised production.




NYT 14-19